A divorce can take a lot out of you, emotionally as well as financially. While it may be difficult to focus on practical matters like finances when emotional ones seem so pressing, the two are tied together. Being financially unstable will only make it more difficult to heal emotionally, and your financial state will be a constant reminder of the divorce itself. If you’re divorced and unemployed, it’s especially difficult. Becoming financially stable after a divorce isn’t something you have to do alone, however.

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States are imposing more limits on things like alimony – both in the time it lasts and the sum of the payments. This means that whoever earns less in the home will get less help after the divorce. If you’ve sacrificed your career in any way for your marriage, you won’t necessarily be left with help afterward.


There is support out there though. Mortgage Payment Assistance, for example, helps Florida residents to retain their homes. This stabilizes one aspect of your life. That program does this because it assumes someone responsible enough to have afforded a home in the first place will be responsible enough to get back on their feet eventually. An investment in someone who’s otherwise capable during a time of hardship pays off for the state when you’re able to get back to contributing to the economy. It’s a way of assisting divorcees that helps communities out as well.


If you’re divorced and unemployed, you may qualify for this and possibly other forms of assistance. Many people don’t realize this support exists, but seeking it out can be a lifeline. Becoming financially stable after a divorce doesn’t need to be an emotional wrestling match. You can do it, if you look for a little help through tough times.


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