Great Tips for Avoiding DivorceAt one point or another most married people have had to ask themselves if this was really what they wanted. Is marriage worth it? Would you be better off if you both went your separate ways? Is divorce the best option for you? Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of your relationship, which occur for every couple, instead start asking yourself what you can do to turn your marriage back into what it was at the beginning. Decide to make a conscious effort to remember and remind your partner what it was that drew you to each other to begin with and all of the reasons that you fell in love. If you’re willing to put in the effort, stick to the commitment you made when you said your vows, and take the tips below then you can keep that marriage thriving.

Don’t Let Money Come Between You

It’s common knowledge that financial issues are one of the leading causes of divorce. A new study has also shown that people who tend to be more materialistic have more communication issues and trouble resolving conflicts. Realize that partnership, communication and love is far more important and will last much longer than money will. If you recognize yourself as being a person who values money a little too highly then put things into perspective and make the necessary changes in order to correct that mindset. Realize what’s really important.

Miss Each Other

This isn’t something you can do if you spend all of your time together. While it may seem like the happiest couples would be the ones that spend all of their time together that isn’t the case. The easiest way to get on a person’s nerves (any person), is to constantly be around them. Take some time away from each other to do things you enjoy individually, maybe the things your partner isn’t so interested in – she can get a pedicure while he goes fishing (or maybe vise versa). Separation does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

Do the Dirty

Don’t get carried away with that alone time. A recent study estimates that there are more than twenty million Americans living in a sexless marriage. It’s important for your relationship that you both have your physical needs met, and by each other! Going long periods of time without being intimate with your spouse you’re increasing your odds for unhappiness and ultimately divorce. Be spontaneous, maybe even try something new and spice up your love life. Whatever you do, don’t let your marriage fall into the sexless category.

While none of these tips are foolproof they can go a long way towards keeping your marriage happy, healthy and on the right track. Keep in mind just how important communication really is and make sure you and your partner keep those lines open. Don’t let money rule your household, allow yourselves “me time” now and then, and stay active in the bedroom. Doing these small things can make a big impact when it comes to avoiding divorce.


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