Making the Most of Your Family Vacation as a Single ParentFor those that have recently gone through a divorce, summertime can be intimidating. Not only will the kids be missing the fact that their parents aren’t together, but it can also be stressful when you start considering your new single income budget. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can help make this summer vacation just as stress free and successful as the ones you’ve taken in the past, maybe even more so.

Book Smarter

Instead of opting to make decisions on the fly, do a little research and take the time to plan things like hotels, airlines and rentals ahead of time. This probably seems like common sense – of course you’re going to get the best deals by planning ahead and booking early. Saving money is only one of the advantages though. By doing a little research you’ll actually find that some planes, rooms and cars are more family friendly than others. For example, if you fly with JetBlue they offer the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet at every seat. They also have free WiFi on 90% of their planes. The same principle applies to hotel rooms and rental cars and what kid friendly amenities they offer.

Be Deal Savvy

We already mentioned that booking in advance can help you score a deal and make things less stressful on your wallet, especially now that you’re making all these purchases by yourself. You’re probably already familiar with a few of the bigger name websites that promise to help you score a great deal, so here’s a couple that you may not have heard of yet. is great when you’re planning on booking a flight. Let them know your destination and the dates and they’ll tell you whether to book right away or hold out a few days or weeks for an even better price. will provide you with a list of the twenty best valued hotels in the destination city of your choosing. I’d a great site for vacation rentals. It’s similar to Priceline and lets you name there price that you’re willing to pay. There are also free activities that could definitely save you money no matter where you end up. of the free cab help you find a free attraction in every state.


Now that all of the traveling and checking in has been accomplished it’s time to relax. Instead of wearing everyone out by trying to see and do everything, shaken the schedule a bit. Allow down time and make sure everyone gets plenty of rest so you can avoid as much of the fussiness and overtired bickering that goes hand-in-hand with kids and vacations.

While taking your kids on vacation by yourself for the first time may seem daunting it doesn’t have to be. Take the extra time and plan the most kid-friendly vacation possible. Your sanity, your children and your bank account will thank you.


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