Combating the Newlywed Blues¬†Many girls start to envision their big special day at a very young age. It’s a huge life event that seems like a turning point in life or a rite of passage. Once the question gets popped many women spend months, sometimes even longer, taking the time to plan the wedding of their dreams. However, it’s also very common for women to experience some newlywed blues. Although rarely talked about, many women feel sadness once their big day has come to a close and the honeymoon is over. This huge day that they’d anticipated for most of their lives is now done and over with and instead of seeing it as a new beginning with a spouse it can sometimes feel like an ending instead. Here are a few tips to help all new and soon-to-be newlyweds prepare for and combat the bridal blues.

Don’t Rush Off

Many couples decide to leave for the honeymoon the day after they tie the knot. Instead of running off so quickly schedule your departure for a day or two after the wedding. This will allow you to spend more time with friends and family, some of whom probably traveled to be there for you. It will give you some time to rest and wind down from all the wedding festivities as well as a chance to come to terms with the fact that the day you put so much thought, effort and time into has come to a close.

Create a Reality Buffer 

Instead of going right back to normal adult life after your honeymoon give yourself a couple days once you’re back home before rushing off to work. Allowing some extra time for your spouse and yourself to enjoy each other in your own home before going back to the normal day-to-day routine will help make easing into the transition a lot easier.

Don’t Leave Your Calendar Empty

Another big cause of the post-wedding blues is a lack of anything to look forward to. You spent so much time planning this big life changing day that now that it’s over you may find yourself feeling lost or empty. Before your big day arrives plan a few activities for you to return to after your honeymoon. Schedule a spa day with friends, a special date night with your new spouse, or brunch with your mom. Having things to look forward to will take away those feelings that something has ended, and instead remind you of what your new life has in store.

While getting married is an amazing and exciting time in anyone’s life it can easily be tinged with sadness. Be aware of the risks and plan accordingly so you don’t let yourself fall victim to the newlywed blues. Allow yourself extra time with your wedding guests by postponing the honeymoon for a couple days, give your new spouse and yourself a couple days to wind down after your honeymoon and plan some activities for your return as well. Take these steps and keep those bridal blues at bay.


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