How to Avoid, and Lose, That Wedding Weight GainUnfortunately, it’s all too common to pack on a few extra pounds after tying the knot. While this is true for both men and women it does seem to affect the women more often. One theory for this weight gain is that once a couple gets married they aren’t focused on trying to look good for a potential mate anymore, therefore they don’t feel as guilty letting themselves go. At least until they hop on the scale and notice that extra five or more pounds that seem to have just snuck up on them. Thankfully, by being aware of the wedding weight gain there are steps you can take to avoid it, and if it’s too late to avoid then losing it is still a great option.

Don’t Sacrifice the Gym

It’s easy to blame all the extra hormones that come along with the tying the knot and enjoying the honeymoon, but that’s only part of the picture. The biggest cause of the weight-gain are the lifestyle changes that tend to accompany marriage. It can be difficult to prioritize ‘me’ time and ‘we’ time after getting married. Especially for women who tend to put their relationships before themselves. It’s easy to sacrifice what was your normal one-hour three times a week workout routine for more time spent hanging out with your spouse. Unfortunately, letting go of the workouts doesn’t mean you’re still letting go of those calories.

Watch the Munching

Another habit that’s super easy to pick up once you get married is eating what your husband eats. The odds are now that you’re married you’re making more lavish home cooked meals. It also stands to reason that your husband probably enjoys dessert a few nights a week. It’s easier than you think to pick up the habits that your husband has without realizing that men generally need to take in 800 more calories than women do, and that their metabolism tends to run a lot higher also. This means not only do women gain weight faster by eating the same thing, but it’s also harder to lose that weight by doing the same amount of exercise.

It’s easy to let marriage become an excuse for letting yourself go, especially since it’s so common for people to do so. However, by holding yourself accountable, and maybe asking your partner to help hold you accountable as well, you can spare yourself the body issues that can come with packing on the pounds after tying the knot. If ice cream is your weakness, then don’t allow ice cream in your house. Schedule workouts like you schedule doctor’s appointments and make sure you see them through. Holding yourself accountable is the only surefire way to keep that scale from climbing. If you do find that you’ve put on a few post-wedding pounds it isn’t the end of the world, just start making the changes now so you can be happy with yourself down the road.

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