Cohabitating After a DivorceAlthough America’s economy is slowly on the incline, it isn’t happening fast enough for many people. More and more people today are finding themselves in extreme financial hardship, especially after a divorce. Which is leading to a lot of ex-couples deciding to continue to live together even after getting divorced. This poses the question – how is it possible to live with an ex-spouse with constantly fighting? By following some of these house rules you’ll be able to cohabitate cordially until you’re able to get back on your own two feet.

Plan Out Expenses

One of the leading causing of marital strife is finances, and it can definitely lead to some unpleasantness if you’re living together after a divorce also. It’s important that you sit down together and identify the most important shared financial obligations. If your incomes are similar then it makes sense to split the shared costs (such as mortgage, insurance, etc.) down the middle. However, if this arrangement would leave one person struggling to meet their obligations then it may be necessary to negotiate the agreement in a way that would favor both people. Sometimes a divorce mediator can make this process easier on everyone.

Mind Your Manners

Basic roommate etiquette is even more important in situations such as these. Clean up after yourself, do your own dishes, and wash your own clothes. A lack of mutual consideration is a great way to make high tension even higher. If inconsiderate behavior was already an issue in your marriage, then carrying that over to post-divorce cohabitating can make life a lot harder for you both. The bottom line is respect each other.

No P.D.A.

Now that you’re living with an ex-spouse it’s important that you realize public displays of affection now apply to your home as well. Don’t bring new romantic partners home. Not only would having a date over make things extremely awkward for your ex, but you can bet your date isn’t going to be thrilled either. Ignoring these boundaries will only serve to complicate your living situation even further. If you want to date, then just keep in mind that discretion is key.

Move On

It can be hard enough to get used to being single again after a divorce when you and your ex are living separately, let alone when you’re still living together. It can be especially difficult to get out of your comfort zone and shake things up when you’re still going home to your ex every evening. Do you best to do things outside of the home and really make an effort to move on, even if you aren’t yet able to move out.

While continuing to live with an ex-husband or wife might not be ideal, it is doable if that’s the only option you have. Follow roommate etiquette, use common courtesy, respect each other and do your best to move on and living together after a divorce won’t be the end of the world. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s a temporary fix and not a permanent solution.

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