Ways to Spend Quality Time with FamilyWith the divorce rate today and the crazy world we live in, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep a family close together. The most obvious way to bridge that gap is by spending quality time together. For most of us though, that’s easier said than done. Between cooking, cleaning, errands, and jobs many families find it difficult to spend special time with the people that matter the most.  Here are a few easy ways that you can make quality time a reality in your household.

Make Meals Matter

Spend as many meals together as possible. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three, meal time is the perfect time to let go of your daily distractions and focus on your family. Instead of congregating around the television or letting your teens eat in their rooms make meals a mandatory, electronic free, family time. It’s through conversing with others that we build relationships and make connections, and keeping these connections alive is a huge part of keeping family members connected. In fact, according a study done recently, making meals family time is a strong deterrent to teen drinking, smoking, and drug abuse.

Cut Down Screen Time

In many families the adults are just as addicted to their electronics as the kids are. It’s important to set aside some time that your family spends together that is completely screen-free. Turn off the phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles and televisions and sit down together as a family. Play a board game, play tag football or capture the flag, do something together as a family that will require you to interact with each other. Again, communication and conversing are the key to any strong relationship, and you can’t achieve that if you have a screen dominating your attention. Disconnect with all those electronics in order to reconnect with your family.

Make “Family Night” a Thing

This might sound easy, but with so many people running on different schedules it can be difficult to stick to. Make it a priority. Plan a weekly day and time when everyone is available and able to spend quality time together. Use this time to play a board game, take a walk, take the dog to a dog park, play touch football, or anything else your family may be interested in doing together. These are all great ways to keep the whole family entertained and doing things together.

It’s so easy for families that love each other to get torn apart. There are so many distractions that we face each and every day that it’s often the most important thing to us that we neglect the most. Making it a priority to connect with family and spend that quality time together will go a long way in strengthening that family bond that so many people crave. It may take some sacrifices on everyone’s part, but it definitely won’t be a waste of time. Make quality time a priority again.

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