Is Marriage Counseling Effective?Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear cut answer to this question. When it comes to the effectiveness of marriage counseling there are several factors that come into play, including willingness to change, the depth of the marital problems, and how well both partners respond to therapy. In some cases, marriage counseling may be exactly what it takes to get your marriage back on track, however in other cases, it could do more harm than good. While it’s impossible to say for sure whether or not counseling is effective, there are a few factors that may help you determine whether or not it could be effective for you.

The Statistics

One great factor to consider before hiring a counselor or psychologist are the statistics. According to recent research over ninety-eight percent of those surveyed reported that they were very satisfied with their couples’ therapy, and of those people ninety-seven person said that they received the help that they needed. While there is still a percentage that were dissatisfied, overall the statistics are working in your favor. These people reported that they were given more effective tools for dealing with their issues, as well as improved physical health as a result of the therapy.

The Time

Is your partner willing to go to therapy with you? Marriage or couples counseling is less time consuming than individual counseling, however time does still have to be spent with the counselor in order to see any benefits. If your partner refuses, there is still the possibility of you being able to change the dynamic of your relationship by going to individual counseling. Although you may be able to achieve the same results this way, it will likely take longer. Studies show that couples therapy is typically faster and more effective because you’re able to work on, and change, the group dynamic together, instead of one partner having to do all the work themselves.

The Finances

An advantage of seeing a licensed marriage therapist verses a psychologist or psychiatrist is the price. When couples seek out counseling they’re usually already dealing with financial stresses in their lives and relationship. It can be overwhelming to take on another bill and this extra stress can even derail the treatment. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of therapy, if yours isn’t one of them then you should look for a professional who has reasonable rates. Causing more financial stress in your relationship in order to end the stress in your relationship is counter-productive.

It’s also important to realize that while marriage counseling may be effective, the effect could actually lead to the couple ending their marriage. There are cases where relationships are unhealthy and the counseling could lead to encourage to end the marriage. There is no clear answer to this question, but it’s important to take everything into consideration before teaming up with a therapist or psychologist. Weigh the pros and cons and come to terms with the fact that you may not get the resolution you were hoping for.

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