Things to do Before Marriage to Avoid DivorceWe all grew up reading all the fairytales with princesses and knights living happily ever after. As we got older and reality began to kick in we started to lower our expectations a little. Who says she has to be a real princess? So what if his armor isn’t exactly shiny anymore? Eventually, we all learn the lesson that fairytales aren’t real and love by itself just isn’t enough. Here are a few things that you need to do before you get married to help ensure that you never get divorced.


Just because up until this point you and your fiancé have been able to brag to your mutual friends that you’ve never been in a fight doesn’t mean that you should run off and tie the knot. Fighting is actually something that should happen before you decide to spend the rest of your life with this person. Think about it – it may not be today or tomorrow, or maybe even this year, but you and your partner are going to fight, and when that happens you don’t want to be shocked or put off by the way the act or react when they’re angry. Also, if you never disagree then you’ll never learn how to handle your disagreements. You already know how important it is to know what makes your significant other happy, it’s just as important that you learn what makes them upset, and how to handle it once they’ve gotten that way.

Meet the Family

We know that meeting your partner’s family and introducing them to yours can be a huge step, but it’s also a crucial one. What most people neglect to realize before tying the knot is that you aren’t only marrying your spouse, you’re also marrying all of the people that matter to them – mainly their families. It’d make things easier for everyone involved if you realized that there’s no way you’ll ever get along with her mother or sister or brother now than waiting until you’ve already said your vows. That family is always going to be a part of your life and it’s important that you make sure that you’re okay with that.

Do Your Homework

Real marriage takes work. It isn’t the fairytale happy ending that we grow up expecting it to be. Take the time to talk to people you respect that have had long, successful marriages. Listen and take to heart their advice. They’ve experienced all the ups and downs firsthand and the advice they can provide you with will be much more solid than the advice from your best friend who’s working on her second marriage is still isn’t happy.

It’s important to realize that marriage is a commitment between two people. A commitment that needs to hold true in the good times and the bad – and there will be bad. Take the tips above and begin your marriage with your eyes open and with some work and compromise you can ensure that your marriage isn’t one of the many that end in divorce.

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