The 3 Biggest Causes of Marital StrifeEvery couple, even the seemingly happiest, most stable couple fights. There is just no way that two people can agree on everything all of time. However, there are a few things that most couples fight about repeatedly, and these are often the topics that lead to the most strife between partners. By making yourself aware of these three most common argument inducing topics you can take the necessary steps to prevent arguments from escalating and ultimately help to keep your marriage happy.


I don’t think anyone is surprised that this is on the list. Money is always an issue, probably for every couple ever. Generally however, the argument is not about the money itself, but the lack of communication when it comes to discussing financial issues. Concerns about bills, debts, spending and budgets affect every couple, however not openly discussing these issues or ways to resolve them often lead to unnecessary arguments that could have easily been avoided.

On the same note, letting one partner completely control the financial aspect of your marriage isn’t a good idea either. While it may seem more effective at first, because your partner is better at managing accounts or budgeting, it can end up being detrimental to your relationship. Both of you need to be aware of your financial standings if wedded bliss is your goal.


This is generally one of the main things that brought you and your partner together, but it is also one of the most personal aspects of your lives. It also goes a lot further than just the physical part of your relationship. Intimacy is how you and your spouse are connected emotionally. How loved and cared for each partner feels can set a pretty large stage for disagreements in this important area. A key to avoiding issues in this particular category is to understand the biological differences between men and women. This will help you and your spouse develop real and lasting intimacy as a couple.


Believe it or not, communication doesn’t have to involve speaking at all. You and your partner are always communicating with each other, and it may actually be in times that words aren’t being exchanged that the most communication is going on. The ways that you choose to disagree with each other, when and how a compromise is reached, and the ability to manage your own emotions when disagreements occur, all influence how effectively you and your spouse communicate. Disagreements are inevitable, but fighting is always a choice.

While these issues alone aren’t deal breakers, they definitely cause unneeded stress. Take the time to evaluate each issue individually, pinpoint any current challenges you’re facing, and brainstorm on what future issues may come to light. Then sit down with your partner and openly discuss alternative approaches until you both settle on a solution that fits your relationship. Having a productive alternative to deal with predictable, as well as unexpected, relationship bumps will keep you both on the road to your happily ever after.




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