Nancy Hetrick, ADFA™, MAFF™, AWMA®

Gwyneth Paltrow lit up the world of divorce when she announced her “conscious uncoupling” from Chris Martin. Even now, months after the original announcement, the term is still trending and being talked about. What’s up? Could it be that couples are beginning to realize that the systems in place to handle divorce are just not what they want? The majority of couples that decide to call it quits have no desire to rake each other over the coals or spend a fortune on pricey divorce attorneys. They are mature adults who are able to respect and appreciate their past, commit to productive co-parenting, and strive to be the best divorced family possible. Of course, those aren’t usually the ones we all hear about in the news and from our friends but it’s the truth.

What are the options for a couple in this space? Most are drawn to mediation as an alternative to litigation. However, in many cases, traditional mediation may not be enough. Mediators are committed to being a neutral third party; and for couples that have an extensive history with complicated finances, they may need additional professional guidance and advice regarding the separation of property and assets in the most effective way. Enter the CDFA™, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to the team. MediationPlus™ is exactly that combination.

We are able to offer a team approach so couples get the best, most cooperative services available to ensure a smart and cooperative process. This model is similar to Collaborative Divorce but with less overhead and a more flexible structure. With a mediator to help facilitate the negotiations and a neutral financial expert to educate and inform about the financial complications, it really is the answer to a much kinder process that is far less expensive.

More and more couples are turning to mediation as a gentler option for their divorce. Mediation allows them to honor their marriage while still moving forward in a positive manner and protecting their post-divorce family as co-parents. Using the MediationPlusTM team approach, families are not only able to plan for their immediate future, but they also have the benefit of long-term financial and retirement planning, which is crucial.

Whether we like it or not, divorce rates continue to rise and it’s become commonplace for individuals to be married multiple times in their lives. The time has come to explore how to best help couples navigate the major changes that come with divorce in the best way possible for their situation. While it’s not right for everyone, MediationPlus™ is a perfect alternative for “conscious uncoupling”.

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