Are Video Games Causing Divorce?According to a survey by Divorce Online, 15 percent of women who filed for divorce was a result of their spouses’ “unreasonable behavior”. They said their husbands valued gaming over their relationship.

The fact is, online or any type of video gaming for that matter, does not lend itself to intimacy. There is no wonder that many spouses of video game players are calling it quits.

This is not to say that playing video games is a marriage ending act, just like anything, when it becomes an obsession that is when it has negative effects on a relationship.

Author and self-proclaimed video game addict says that “A lot of the problem spouses encounter with video game addiction is that the non-gamer doesn’t appreciate that it’s an addiction,” he goes on to add that “This means it’s not a choice to spend so much time in a virtual environment versus time with the spouse and family. It’s a compulsion.”

It’s likely that there is a deeper reason for a spouse to turn to video games. Video game addiction could be a more conscious effort to escape an already unhealthy relationship.


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