My Husband is a Slob… Is This a Reason for Divorce?One of the top complaints many wives have about their husbands is that they feel like they are looking after another child.

Sharing household chores, especially if both spouses work, is only fair. But if you have a husband that falls short in this department, it can be frustrating at best… and a step towards divorce, at worst.

The following are a few tips to help you get your husband to help out around the house and hopefully get in the habit of picking up after himself.

1- DON’T ask for help! But… That’s right, do not ask for your husband’s help in keeping the house tidy. Asking for help implies that the job of cleaning is yours, and you would like some help doing your job. Instead ask your husband to do his share. After all, the household chores should be a shared task right?

2- Don’t resort to nagging. Nagging your husband about never picking up after himself will do nothing but put him on the defensive and create resentment. Instead, refer to #1, ask him to keep up with “his” share.

3- The Laundry. If the job of doing laundry falls on your hands, but you are constantly hunting throughout the house looking for and picking up his dirty laundry, even after numerous attempts to get him to use the laundry basket, just stop! That’s not to say stop washing clothes, but wash only what is in the dirty clothes basket. Once he runs out of clean underwear and socks, he will start to put his dirty clothes where they belong.


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