Keeping you from the marital assets is one way an angry spouse will “punish” you for your part in the divorce.  Women who are dependent on the income of their husband are especially susceptible to this tactic.

divorceThe walls have ears… many spouses who are angry about going through a divorce will go to great lengths in an attempt to dig up any dirt on their spouse that they think will help them during the divorce proceedings.  Bugged phones, GPS trackers in cars and private investigators are just a few things to expect.

Maxed-out credit cards.  In order to “get back” at a spouse, the angry spouse will often use the credit cards of the other spouse to make lavish purchases, maxing out the cards… many times near the end of the divorce sticking the other spouse with the debt.

“I want full custody!” Petitioning the court for primary custody when you have agreed to joint custody is a common ploy to get one spouse to concede to another issue, usually a financial one.

The best way to deal with an angry spouse is to play it cool… when it comes to a divorce, fighting fire with fire, is never the way to go.  All of the dirty tricks and angry spouse uses will inevitably be revealed in court.

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