Divorce Registries... A New Trend?There are wedding registries for soon to be married couple… a way to help a newlywed couple acquire the things they need to start a new life together.

What about the things you will need when you get divorced?  Who gets the vacuum?  Someone is going to be wishing that they had one.

What about the things that you don’t want to keep?  Do you want to eat off of the same plates that you did when you were married?  …many people find that even the smallest things like cups and silver wear bring back bad memories.

Many recently divorced people are turning to “unbridled showers” to celebrate their divorce and obtain some of the much needed items to begin their new life as a single person.

Friends and family want to help when a divorce happens… they just don’t know how.  A divorce shower, or party can be just the things to get them involved.

Perhaps there are those who aren’t ready for a divorce registry, thinking that divorce should not be celebrated… but the idea is not to celebrate the end of a marriage, but rather help loved ones to begin to heal and move on with their life in a positive way.


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