In a Huffington Post report (and some tabloids) Tiger Woods is trying to win back his ex-wife Elin Nordegren.  Woods, the pro golfer, I’m sure you’ve heard of him, and wife Elin Nordegren divorced in 2010 when the scandal of Woods infidelity came to a head.  Woods allegedly had extramarital affairs with at least a dozen different female “fans”.  This sex scandal ostensibly brought down the renowned golfer, who was at one time, the most highest paid and successful athletes of all time.

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The National Enquirer published a story claiming that the disgraced adulterous golfer, just two years after their divorce was final, was asking Elin to marry him again. According to the Enquirer, Woods even offered the former Swedish model a $200 million pre-nup. The catch this time….Tiger is willing to agree to a generous premarital agreement that includes an anti-cheating clause that would result in Nordegren getting more than half of the estimated estate, should Woods decide to play somewhere other than his home course (cheat again).

California is a no-fault divorce state, which means that the court doesn’t care about wrong-doing, or fault, when it comes to reaching a judgment.  To subject oneself to an anti-cheating clause means waiving a significant right afforded given under the law in making infidelity relevant.  Without such a clause Elin would be entitled to one-half of the estate, and a set amount of support, as ascribed by the statute, regardless of fault.

I guess in this case money speaks louder than words.  It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I wonder if ant-cheating clause will be a trend for the future.

A cheating clause is fine but there is no guarantee that your spouse will not cheat.  It should be named an “if I get caught cheating” clause.  You have to assume that Tiger Woods will still be living the cheating life that he was before if he had not been found out.  Back in the 15th century they had a pretty fool proof way of preventing infidelity, the chastity belt.  I’m not suggesting that we go back to chastity belts, even though they were made for men also, but the only guarantee you have against your spouse cheating on you is…  well, there is no guarantee.  Trust is all you really have.  Trust comes free in most cases until it is lost, then it is hard to get back at any price.

Our wedding rings are our outward symbol that we are married and unavailable.  Men are notorious for removing their ring when in pursuit of a partner for an extramarital fling.  I came across this ring the other day that might just throw a wrench in the take off your ring tactic.  The “I’m Married” ring.  The “I’m Married” ring leaves an imprint on the wearer’s finger when removed that simply reads “I’m Married”.

While a neat idea, more likely a novelty or joke item, I don’t think this ring would be very effective.  The impression will fade over time and is not really that noticeable to warrant a double take in a dimly lit bar.  If this idea is for you perhaps a trip to the tattoo parlor would be more appropriate.

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